Veterans Day: November 11th, 2009

This week, Veterans Day is the topic of interest. Veterans Day, which used to be called Armistice Day, became a legal U.S. holiday to honor the end of World War I and it is officially recorded as November 11, 1918. Legislation passed in 1938 stating November 11th was “dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as Armistice Day.” (

In 1954, veterans service organizations urged the 83rd Congress to amend the holiday due to our participation in World War II and the Korean War. As a result, the Act of 1938 was changed and the word Armistice was replaced with Veterans. Veterans Day honors all American veterans in wartime or in times of peace.

Teachers/Guardians/Parents: Check out this link for a Teachers Resource Guide. While teachers may find this helpful to celebrate Veterans Day, any adult could utilize it to enhance a child’s understanding of Veterans Day.

Celebrate Veterans Day

  • Send a card, or email to veterans you know.
  • Check out websites like Treat Any Soldier or Soldiers’ Angels
  • Call a veteran you know and ask him/her questions about the military
  • Put your life on hold for a short speck of time to be grateful for our brave veterans

( 9 Nov 2009.


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