Nightmare before Christmas

A blazing fire warms the TV room while Notting Hill loads in the DVD player. Cinnamon scented candles glow as a huge bowl of popcorn, lightly dribbled in butter and salt, is placed on the coffee table. Eight of us rush to find a seat, but Mushu, our black Shih Tzu/Chihuahua has gone nuts and leaps from the couch onto the coffee table…whereby the popcorn takes on the appearance of snowflakes as it scatters about. Tashi, the older Shih Tzu barks loud enough to scare Brenna resulting in her hot chocolate to spill on the end table. The carpet feels neglected, so it demands some of the hot chocolate to moisten it, which is an easy request for the hot drink.

Twenty minutes later, the popcorn is cleaned up and the carpet is denied a lovely stain. Both dogs are sitting on top of the couch looking relaxed. Eight of us rush to find a seat. Notting Hill loads as my family settles down to finally watch a movie.

Ah…nothing beats this. We’re all together on Christmas Eve. After grabbing a handful of popcorn, I cover up with a thick blanket feeling happy, because I’m ready for the holiday.  

Out of nowhere, faint light from a distance catches my attention. I stand up as my heart pounds. Do my eyes deceive me? No. The light magnifies, until two beams of light flood the TV room.

Then I hear that sound.  You know it, I’m sure. It’s the hushed, yet alarming sound of car doors as they shut.  

The popcorn falls from hand as my thoughts race. Company, tonight? Seconds later, I open the door to see my lovely guests have arrived and they’ve brought the most beautiful presents.

My eyes open. Relief replaces the fear that I’ve forgotten someone during the holiday.

Yes, that is a nightmare and one that I don’t want to happen. However, it could manifest all the same if I’m not careful. To prevent this nightmare, I must put on my soothsayer cape and predict the future. Usually, two, or three, unexpected…but absolutely wonderful guests, holding beautiful gifts, will pop in over the holiday for a short visit. They are thrilled to catch up on family news, eat with us, and even tolerate the crazy dogs.

These surprise visits add excitement to the holiday season and I welcome them. People are more important than things…but I feel better knowing I have something unique for them as well.

If this nightmare looms in the back of your mind, take charge. Prepare a few, extra baskets with wine, treats, and a great movie to give away when needed the most. The baskets look fantastic if you wrap them up in shrink plastic and place a huge bow and ribbons on them. Tie some Christmas ornaments around the bottle of wine. Baskets are always a good choice, but extra holiday bags will work as well. Use your imagination to create just a handful of gifts that will provide peace of mind.

Most importantly, expect the unexpected with a cheerful heart. If people drop by for a visit, that is what they need the most.

If you have any holiday tips, fell free to leave a comment.

Thanks for visiting!


2 thoughts on “Greetings!

    • Lyn:

      Thanks for visiting. As far as movies I’d suggest for a gift basket or bag, I try to be careful with the subject matter. However, most of my visitors are adults, so that does give me more options. Some of the movies I’ve received good feeback for include, The Kid (Disney), Journey to the Center of the Earth (with Brendan Fraser), Pride & Prejudice (with Keria Knightley), August Rush, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (so funny), Silverado( 1985), Emma, National Treasure, Music and Lyrics, The Rookie (with Dennis Quaid), and October Sky, plus I’ve used movies from The History Channel too. Hope this helps!

      Take care,

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