Spring into Simplicity

Living in Michigan makes seeing and feeling welcomed sunshine a true blessing, but it also signals the onset of spring. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing if you are a perfectionist in every aspect of your life and you’re organized to the nth degree for spring cleaning, lawn care, upcoming holidays, summer vacations, and your home requires no repair from winter’s beating. Don’t get me wrong…I thoroughly enjoy the warmth and longer days, but lately, I’ve been feeling the desire to simplify every aspect of my life so spring and summer are the best ever.

Let’s look at some ways to spring into simplicity and “live,” not just survive.

Spring Cleaning: One of the most efficient ways to simplify spring cleaning is to use an all-purpose cleaner like Scrubbing Bubbles® Nature’s Source®. This product cuts through grime and grease without leaving a residue, plus it is plant-based and its strength comes from natural, biodegradable ingredients. Use this product on appliances, floors, fiberglass, hubcaps, countertops, sinks, showers, glazed ceramic tile, and stainless steel. GreenWorks® is another natural, all-purpose cleaning product that will make cleaning faster and less of a hassle.

Recycle/Give Away/Sell: Go on an adventure and find lost treasure! Room by room, closet after closet, and even that dreaded “catch all” drawer in the kitchen must be explored and sorted out. Decide which items are keepers and discard, recycle, give away, or sell items accordingly. What will you get from this adventure? More space to organize, possibly some cash, and best of all…that pleasurable feeling of being generous toward others may saturate you as well. Blujay, eBay, Overstock, and eCrater are examples of online auctions/marketplaces to buy and sell items.

National Do Not Call Registry: Register your home/cell telephone numbers so time is not wasted on numerous, unwanted telemarketing calls. No matter what I’m doing, even if I’m high up on a ladder painting, I feel compelled to answer all calls because of a possible family emergency, so this registry helps. Make sure to read the website information before you register.

Internet: Pay bills online, review and print medical transactions, change cable service, find more affordable service providers, and shop for upcoming holidays/birthdays online. Skip going to the video store by using Netflix and take advantage of their one month free trial. Be sure to check out their Watch Instantly option.

Dinner: One of the most important questions is, “What’s for dinner?” Visit All Recipes, Moms Who Think, Betty Crocker’s Dinner Made Easy, and Campbell’s Kitchen for delicious dinner ideas. Make double batches of meatballs and chili to use later in the week. Try to plan out five or six meals and then shop for them at once to save time. Keep in mind buying larger quantities will save money, so have hamburgers one night and then tacos the next.

Honesty in All Things: This sounds almost too simple, but be honest. Look at yourself, home, job, relationships, and finances. What needs cleaned up? What have you tackled well enough to leave alone? If you see any areas in need of spring cleaning…go for it. Being honest means less time wasted on regret and less time wasted trying to remember lies or deceitful actions that may eventually overlap to a point of no return. Also, this positive outlook on life will ensure you do not over obligate yourself to friends, family, work, or organizations. Too much of anything can be overwhelming, so if you truly cannot attend or host something, then tactfully decline.

Share the Load: If you live with others, then sit down and discuss ways to share chores. The chores could rotate weekly or monthly, or everyone may choose to chip in and have some chores serviced by a company. Children grow up to be more responsible if they learn early how to help and take care of their home/belongings. If your home has space for this, place three laundry baskets in a hallway to automatically allow for separation of darks, lights, and colors. This makes doing a quick load of laundry before work, or bed, much easier. In addition, if everyone works together the night before to pack lunches, charge cell phones, and pick out clothes, then mornings will be more pleasant.

Shop Ahead: Holidays, birthdays, picnics etc. are inevitable and most enjoyable, but they can be difficult to shop for if caught off guard. Make a list of anyone who is on your gift list and write down a few ideas for each person. It’s a great idea to also write down the holidays/events that are fast approaching and take note of what you’ll need extra for them. Keep this list handy, buy in bulk, and shop ahead as much as possible to save time and reduce stress. Don’t forget to shop online!

NutshellMail: This is a fantastic, online service that manages your social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, by sending updates to your inbox on your schedule. This way, you can check all of your social networks at one time.

If you have suggestions for simplifying life, please leave a comment. Thank you for visiting!


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