Breaking the Block

Not in the mood to visit Neverland today? Is a trip to Oz out of the question as well? If it’s one of those days when your creativity has been buried under the massive weight of writer’s block, then fight to smash that block to pieces.

Inspiration can be found in an instant if you are open to it. For example, I traveled back to my home state of West Virginia to attend a wedding. It’s sad, but I’d forgotten the extreme beauty of WV. The glorious hills are carved from Mother Earth creating deep valleys and rivers run wild and free, babbling with secrets from yesteryear. Take a peek at New River Gorge, Seneca Caverns, Greenbrier Resort, and haunted places in WV to stir creative juices.

Lesson learned? If your brain is stuck, glued to a particular geographic location, get out of town. What you’ll see will raise questions about the amazing people you meet and the wonders you see.  I couldn’t help but to ponder about the history of the state and more than a few of the homes practically invited me in to uncover long buried tales of the dead. Keep in mind, an actual drive, or flight, to a new region does not have to happen. Use the Internet and soak up another region to light a fire in your belly. Consider Madagascar, Peru, or maybe a gorgeous city like Cape Town.

Music is another inspirational tool that often grabs my attention and puts in motion thoughts about people and places, plus unusual situations can arise within my imagination because of the tone, or lyrics, of a song. If you’re banging your head against a brick wall because your muse has disappeared, take a chance and listen to music that is not typically your favorite. Go on an adventure in sound.

Read! Escape for a bit into another writer’s mind to drift away from everyday stress.  I do believe chocolate is a necessity while going on a literary journey as well. Kick your feet up, indulge yourself by not thinking about your life, and soon…you may find your imagination is back on a fast train.

Never underestimate the power of the past since heroes abound who are ready to fight against the writers’ block brigade. Cool sites include Histories, Mysteries, & Strangeness, and It’s easy to get lost in another time and place like with the Sumerians, Inca, or Aztecs.  If you explore and dive deep into legends and fabled kings and queens, you’ll be inspired.

Other tips:

-Keep a notebook with you at all times to jot down new ideas or record your ideas while on the go with your cell phone.

-Interview your family and friends about their lives. You may find a memorable story within their past recollections.

-Learn about the history of your state and city.

-Visit blogs and websites of other writers to see what inspires them.

-Go to your local library and ask for assistance in finding unique books about local history and heroes.

 What do you do to stay motivated? Feel free to leave a comment.

 Thanks for visiting!


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