It’s Always about the Marshmallows

It’s Always about the Marshmallows


It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

John Wooden

If Pride and Prejudice is put in the DVD player, then homemade hot chocolate had better be heating on the stove. Oreo’s are expected to show up before show time and so are Twizzlers. However, heaven forbid if marshmallows fail to plop down into the steaming cups of chocolate milk. So what if there are no marshmallows?

Well, life will go on…that is true. But the marshmallows, floating in the chocolate pool until they melt making a creamy foam, adds an extra punch. Details, like a teaspoon of cinnamon in brownie mix, a handwritten note that’s been painstakingly decorated, or that unanticipated hug when needed most, are examples of things capable of enriching any day. I smile, saturated with happiness, when I see a kind note of encouragement left on my computer, especially since a super busy teenager took the time to write it.

Celebration New York Style

Details are important. Look at this photograph of New York City taken on New Year’s Eve, 2009. The shot oozes with a sense of commotion detailing how crazy the atmosphere is in NYC, especially when a celebration is under way. So many windows create interesting patterns above the people, some reflecting light while others are dark…which easily relates to the crowd since some of them possess hearts of light, while others are filled with darkness.

Black Cat in Athens

Although it may seem this photograph of a cat lacks details, it actually provides fantastic inspiration for poetry or a short story. The details are there…look again. Haphazardly white-washed, the steps look in need of repair because large gaps exist and weeds are growing. The black cat is not wearing a collar, and it may possibly be sniffing for food. The dirt in the larger pot is low and a small piece of paper is inside the pot, plus the plant on the step looks dead. So questions arise. How many cats live at this place? Could the piece of paper be important? Is the owner of this place in need of help? The photograph makes me wonder about what the front door looks like and who lives inside. Ah, yes…details. They are juicy tidbits that enhance everything.

As far as details in the craft of writing, let’s consider only characterization for this post. The most memorable characters are the ones whose personalities jump from the pages as a direct result of their characterization being filled with unique details about their past, present, and future goals, their habits…likes and dislikes, and details that reveal their inadequacies. Sometimes, what a character does wrong is more memorable than what most people would consider his/her high points. A flawed, but likeable, character with a deep dark secret…who gets into a precarious situation, compels many readers to find out what happens because they can relate to that on some level. Perfect characters? Does anyone know a perfect person? That would be difficult to relate to.

If by some chance you hit a grocery market today, snag a bag of marshmallows. Make hot chocolate, and add a handful of details to an ordinary day. You’ll smile with glee while snuggling on the couch with that special person…because life should be filled with marshmallows.

Add some fluff to life!

What are the details in your life that make it special? Have you had the pleasure of receiving a unique gift, or gesture, that while not necessary to survive, it caused joy? Feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for visiting the Noracast.


300 Miles to Go

   300 Miles to Go…   

"All aboard! Chicago welcomes you."
“Sail along with me! “

 Go where? That’s a great question! The answer will vary for each visitor to the Noracast. However, traveling 300 miles to a fabulous destination is a doable, weekend trip. For example, Chicago, Illinois is 296 miles away from my home. Taking into account the joyous moments provided by traffic and construction, I can arrive in the windy city in about five and a half hours.   

Explore Chicago   

The Magnificent Mile: Michigan Avenue will take your breath away as you indulge in sparkling city lights while mouth-watering aromas from Latin, French, American, Italian, and Asian cuisines arouse a need to feed. Take a bite out of hunger by visiting the Weber Grill, or Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush.   

Millennium Park: A partnership between the City of Chicago and the philanthropic community has produced this award winning, 24.5 acre park that is a center for art, music, architecture, and landscape design. One of the most stunning features of Millennium Park is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, designed by Frank Gehry who is a winner of the National Medal of Art. Known as the most sophisticated outdoor concert venue of its kind in the US, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion should not be missed.   

Simply Beautiful

Chicago Botanic Garden: Saturate your senses in the Chicago Botanic Garden as fountains spray and wildflowers, like the black-eyed Susan and wild bergamot, show off their fragrant displays. Also check out Keep Growing, the lively online magazine of the Chicago Botanic Garden to stay informed about classes, events, and family programs.   

You don’t live anywhere near Chicago?   

St.John's/Church of the Presidents/Washington DC

Are you within 300 miles of Washington DC, Boston/Massachusetts, Los Angeles/California, Seattle/Washington, Denver/Colorado, Atlanta/Georgia, or Nashville/Tennessee? Maybe you are an international visitor who lives within 300 miles of Rome/Italy, Madrid/Spain, Athens/Greece, or Prague/Czech Republic, so consider a getaway.  If I could, I’d whisk myself off to each destination mentioned.   

Past Visions in Athens

Whew! Back to reality…momentary rush from just thinking about visiting Prague, because after visiting that link it looks like a land of forevermore, a land where fairytales are alive and well. Therefore, keep in mind any weekend trip offers up delicious opportunities to not only make splendid memories, but creativity will soar to new heights as you document the trip with pictures and a journal. Revel in each moment…from the people you meet to the music, food, and sights you experience. Don’t rent an adventure on DVD this weekend; live one!   

If you are a weekend warrior-of-fun, seeking places to visit, tell all who arrive here about the best place you’ve experienced. You never know who has 300 miles to go…to arrive at your favorite destination.   

"What will come my way?"


Many thanks to Rachael Croft…an adventurer who has granted permission to use her gorgeous potography. Gratitude is also extended to Brenna Croft for permission to use her beautiful photography.   

Thanks for visiting!