Sugared and Spiced with Wicked Delight

Excitement grows as Halloween approaches, bringing with it a feast of wicked, little treats that are sure to delight the youngest of Halloween rookies, as well as seasoned veterans seeking confectionary treasures.  As much fun as it is devouring the sweets and trick or treating, the best thing about Halloween is how it makes ordinary days…exceptional, full of laughter as we all appreciate the magic found in life.

Are you looking for treats to make your family and friends smile? If so, the Noracast is here to help. It takes little effort to dip a ghost shaped, sugar cookie into warm, white chocolate, and swirling a spider web upon the top of cupcake is as easy as making pumpkin pie. Easy is the key word for busy families, so scroll on down to discover spooky treats you’ll all enjoy!

Funny Bones: Found at Disney Family Fun, Funny Bones makes the most out of white meltable candy wafers, thin rod pretzels of varying lengths, and mini-marshmallows. All you do is melt the white candy wafers, attach mini-marshmallows to the pretzel rods, and then spend some quality time with your kids dipping the would-be bones into the bowl of white candy. Kids of all ages will love this recipe!

Batty Cupcakes: I love bats. Check out this video of a Flying Fox (Bat) at the ColumbusZoo.  These bats are mega-bats, and they are amazing creatures. Oh! I must stop myself…back to the wicked delights. How about these Batty Cupcakes? Simply bake your favorite cupcakes, ice them with chocolate icing, and then use a smidgen of white icing, mini-M&M’s, thin mints, and Andes Crème de Menthe Candy to make adorable bat cupcakes.

Creepy Spiders:  Okay, I can never get enough information on bats, but spiders? Only on Halloween can they ever be discussed with me! This Creepy Spider recipe is more than okay with me, because they look delicious, and kids can help assemble them, which is mighty important for Halloween to be fun for everyone.  Basically, you mix a chocolate fudge cake mix with butter and an egg, shape into balls, bake, cool, and then decorate.

Strawberry Ghosts: Boo! These Strawberry Ghosts are too cute to frighten even a bird, but they do look yummy! Besides a tiny bit of time, just gather up strawberries, white baking chocolate, shortening, almond extract, and miniature semisweet chocolate chips to bring these Halloween babies to life.

Ghosts and Goblins Pudding Cups: Pudding is a dessert few can resist, so top off a cup of pudding with a Cool Whip ghost and a Halloween hit has been created! This dessert can be made quickly and easily with instant pudding, crushed chocolate cookies, Cool Whip, chocolate chips, a plastic sandwich bag, and clear plastic cups.

Meringue Ghosts: This recipe seems easy, and I’m definitely going to try it, so please let me know if you’ve ever summoned Meringue Ghosts. This recipe calls for egg whites, cream of tartar (which I’ve never purchased) sugar, vanilla, and miniature semisweet chocolate chips. These ghosts look almost too good to eat.

Feel free to share any of your favorite Halloween treats or tips. Thanks for visiting the Noracast…and Happy Halloween!


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