Before Masquerade

Magic happens when an exciting book sweeps you away into another realm where all things are possible.  All things might include a fantasy romp through a medieval forest that is overrun by trolls, witches, and dark lords…or maybe, high-tech, genetically altered soldiers of fortune are the things found that provoke a reader to keep turning the pages.

In “Before,” the prequel to Cambria Hebert’s “Masquerade,” what is found? How about an unusual boy, named Sam, who is aching, dying to meet the beautiful girl of his dreams…who seems out of his league. Mystery and a sense of imminent danger are found in this wonderful prequel as well. I can hardly wait for “Masquerade” to be released…because I’m up for a little more magic from Cambria Hebert!

Before (Heven and Hell, #0.5)

By Cambria Hebert

Reviewer: Nora Weston

Possessing the looks of an angel and high school popularity topped off by becoming the new head cheerleader, Heven has it all—or does she? In Cambria Hebert’s perfectly spun prequel to her debut novel, “Masquerade,” nothing lasts forever, especially the idyllic world Heven exists in. On the other hand, Sam is a mysterious teenager captivated heart and soul by the bewitching Heven, who can only imagine a perfect world, and if that world is to be perfect, it must include Heven. “Before” is a quick read, setting the stage for Heven to go through hell so she can crash into her destiny, which is nothing she could’ve ever imagined.

Sam is a fascinating character because he has dark secrets, but he’s also willing to forgo ever meeting Heven to keep her safe. He sounds clever and heroic…but naive too since he underestimates the power of evil. And the evil found in “Before” certainly piqued my interest and left me dying to know what it is and what its intentions are. Absolutely, the evil in this teaser is a force to be reckoned with. I have a strong feeling Sam will be faced with quite a challenge as his life collides with Heven’s.

Heven is caught off-guard by the wickedness that is somehow entangled with Sam…yet from the synopsis, it seems even though Heven’s world falls apart and she suffers greatly, she still would not change what happens to her. That means Sam…with all of his dark secrets and a dangerous past, is worth it. Who, or what, is Sam? Can he escape the monster stalking his every move? What does this monster do to Heven, and how does she prevail? Oh! So many questions have arisen from reading “Before,” which I greatly enjoyed. Now, I’m ready for after; I’m ready for “Masquerade!”

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