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Title: Burger

Author:  Ronald Couch

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing    .

Length:   Novel

Sub-Genres:  Horror, Thriller



Hans Burger, Führer of the Supreme Security Staff, is on a mission to avenge the death of his mentor, and former Führer, Kurt Schmidt. Schmidt rests in a sitting position inside Burger’s Frigidaire chest freezer.

In order to exact his revenge on Ryan Conway, his wife, Eleanor, and David Wentz, a sometimes inept Mossad agent, the murderous Burger has the Supreme Security Staff infiltrate Mega Motors Corporation in accordance with Schmidt’s original plans. But things do not go according to anyone’s plans, and it almost becomes a comedy of errors for both Burger and Wentz.

Who will win in this fast-paced satirical thriller? Will Mega Motors survive? Will Wentz save his friends? Or will Burger kill them all?


“If you could talk to me, Kurt, would you answer a couple of questions? Why in God’s name did you kidnap and try to kill Eleanor Conway? Look at you! Half your damn skull is blown away. Your brain is showing for Christ’s sake! Look, you were on track, no, we had nearly completed our mission of eliminating a huge part of MM’s legacy. Then you obsessed with that Conway woman. Why? Because she reminded you of your mother? The mother you killed?”

Hans Burger placed Schmidt’s corpse in his basement chest freezer. He situated the body into a sitting position, and straightened his SSS jacket and many medals. He closed the lid. A whoosh of cold, stale air licked his wrists and tickled his bushy gray beard. His Maldenesque nose twitched.

Burger stepped back three paces, clicked the heels of his jackboots, and stiff-armed a Nazi salute.

“My oath to you, Mein Führer? Your killer, and his loved ones will die! Mega Motors will cease to exist. Many will taste the bile of defeat.”

“Heil Schmidt!”



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Ronald Couch, his lovely wife, Carol, and mixed-breed dog, Addie Lou, live within viewing range of the Great Smoky Mountains in east Tennessee. Ronald enjoys writing, reading, serenity, family and friends. He retired from a major Michigan automobile and truck manufacturing company after thirty-one years of service. His thrillers have been published since 2007, and as recent as 2012 self-published two short stories – one a psychological thriller dealing with a schizophrenic young man. He remembers vividly the last words his father said before he passed on in 1991 – “Be neighborly.”

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