Welcome to Earth

As far as planetary real estate goes, creatures from the cosmos may…at first glance, believe Earth’s residents to be highly disposable, savage beasts.  It is not possible to defend thousands of years of war, a lack of humanity raging within some humans, the carelessness at which we destroy our planet, or the seemingly hopeless way history repeats itself since we must learn things the hard way. The ugly truth is brutally obvious; humans are violent creatures who force war upon each other to control everything. The nightly news makes sure we are aware of our mistakes on a daily basis.  Feeling a sense of doom and shame for how we’ve handled ourselves is too easy.
Michaelangelo’s “David”

But all is not lost. Humans have great potential, and are not disposable beasts, even though we may require a tune-up…a desperately needed awakening of our minds, bodies, and souls.

So, what have we done right? Take a few minutes to marvel at mankind.  Some have accomplished astounding things which have affected millions, while others have made quiet, relatively unknown contributions…that are just as significant when placing mankind under a microscope of cosmic proportions.

For an instance, let humanity shine.

Dr. Jonas Salk: Produces Polio Vaccine

While there is no cure for Polio, an acute viral infectious disease, Dr. Jonas Salk produced a Polio vaccine in 1952 to prevent catching the disease that weakens muscles and can cause paralysis. This is the disease that put  Franklin D. Roosevelt (President of the United States 1933-1945) in a wheelchair.  Do you ever think about catching this horrible disease? I never do thanks to Dr. Jonas Salk and the other medical professionals who worked on the creation of this vaccine.

Invasion of Body Snatchers

Think you’re having a bad day? Take one minute to read The Worst Outbreaks of Disease. It will make you appreciate the diligent efforts of scientists, doctors, nurses, and unrecognized guardians who care for the sick and dying. Read about Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) to discover the true power of compassion. The pioneering of nursing, along with the reform of hospitals, are her two greatest accomplishments, especially since she was a Victorian woman. She was also a noted mathematician.

Tiny Word Loaded with Death…War

War has been, and is currently, a part of life here on the blue sphere. It’s a sad fact of life, but read about the courageous women of the 14th Kentucky Infantry who supported soldiers during the United State’s Civil War. None of these women had to go out of their way; they could’ve hidden deep in the hills and waited for the war to end, yet they proved to be unsung heroes whose wartime efforts speak volumes about what it is to be human.

Also consider the valiant efforts of Len Smith who risked life and limb in the trenches of WWI to sketch enemy positions and camps. Does this not make you think about the soldiers who died bringing peace to a few corners of our world? It makes me think about the cost of freedom and of the men and women who saved others from harm’s way, but perished while doing so.

Lost in Magnificence

I acknowledge the good, bad, and ugly sides of humanity, but what I absolutely love about our species is the yearning to create beauty…to mimic what Mother Nature has to offer with paintings, poetry, fiction, sculpture, and the supreme tranquility offered by our greatest musicians. Why do we create? That’s an age-old question, and I’m sure no answer will satisfy me, although it always intrigues me.

Take a look at Michelangelo’s Pieta (1499) that was carved for the Vatican/St. Peter’s. Michelangelo lived from 1475 to 1564 and produced magnificent works of art that to this day leave his audience spellbound. And let’s not forget Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) since his legacy as a painter, sculptor, scientist, mathematician, inventor, musician, architect, botanist, and writer still astounds people. To think Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci lived at the same time is almost unbelievable. After viewing Leonardo’s work online, and reading his bio, I really cannot imagine how this person had time to sleep.  The activity within his brain must have been relentless.

Now, take a look at the ceiling fresco in Duomo Cathedral/Florence, Italy. It was designed and started by Giorgio Vasari in, 1572, and then finished, in 1579, by Frederico Zuccari.

Duomo Cathedral/Florence, Italy/Judgement Day

One of my previous posts has links to music, like Johann Pachelbel and Felix Mendelssohn. These composers are flawless in their craft…both musicians mastered the art of infusing music with emotions. You will surely smile and feel something tender, or joyful, while falling into their musical realms. Feel as far away from savagery as possible while listening to either one of them.

Ancient Greek Vase

If creatures from the cosmos ever drop in to greet us, hopefully, they will not judge earthlings too quickly…or we may appear as ravenous control freaks incapable of compassion that utilize the intelligence given to us merely for selfish gratification. No…not all the time anyway! Humans, as bizarre as we are….have the ability to create beauty, and they will sacrifice so others will benefit. I hope that’s the impression we make if realtors from afar ever visit.

Please feel free to comment about extraordinary people you know to inspire others! Thanks for visiting.